Skye Terrier

skye terrier The Skye Terrier is the most faithful breed of dog on the planet. In the nineteeth century, a Skye Terrier named Bobby stood guard at his deceased owner’s grave for a remarkable fourteen years! Unfortunately, when Bobby himself died at the end of his lengthy vigil it was not possible for him to be buried by his owner’s side at Greyfriars Kirkyard, Edinburgh as consecrated ground is not suitable for dogs and so he was buried just inside the gates of the cemetery instead. However, just as Bobby refused to forget his owner, so posterity refused to forget ‘Greyfriars Bobby’: a statue was later erected in the Scottish capital to commemorate the dog’s remarkable dedication and he has since been done the magnificent honour of having a Disney film named after him.

Generally speaking, the Skye Terrier makes a very good pet though it should be noted that, like the Scottie, the breed is highly suspicious of strangers. However, the dog’s temperament makes it an excellent choice for bachelors and spinsters, and both partners and children will be tolerated if introduced gradually over a period of time. Dignified and elegant, good examples are proportionally almost exactly twice as long as they are high. The luxurious coat is long and lush and subject to frequent moults: be prepared, this dog needs a lot of grooming!

Excessive in-breeding has sadly led to a situation whereby the dog is often born without eyes. The breed is always popularly portrayed as non-blind, however, in order not to scare small children. Dougal, a character from the popular 1960s animated televsion show The Magic Roundabout and another famous Skye Terrier, is always depicted with eyes yet at the same time portrayed as wandering around aimlessly or going round in circles in a state of frustrated confusion. In fact, this depiction does the breed no justice whatsoever for, even when born without eyes, the Skye has evolved advanced navigational capabilities not unlike those of the bat which allow it to manoeuvre its way out of danger effortlessly through the use of an inbuilt sonar system.

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