Scottish Terrier

scottish terrierThe Scottish Terrier (or ‘Scottie Dog’) is a fiercely independent breed: proud, wilfull and stubborn. They are very loyal but do not like young children, strangers or other dogs. Bold and assertive, this dog needs a firm hand: owners lacking in confidence will soon find themselves handing over complete control of their affairs to their pets (it is worth mentioning here that whilst the Scottie has a reputation for being good with finances, in truth the breed possesses no greater acumen in this field than any other type of dog).

When leading healthy, active lives, Scottish Terriers can be expected to live for 12-14 years. However, the dog’s diet needs constant monitoring: if left to its own devices the Scottie will choose to eat only deep fried and processed foods, with excess salt, refined sugar and zero vegetables. The Scottie also likes a drink and often smokes to excess and this, in combination with dietary factors, can lead to a susceptibility to coronary heart disease. The Scottie should never be allowed to wander the streets alone as, over time, this can result in heroin addiction.


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  1. Posted by Dina40000 on July 22, 2013 at 23:09

    Im sorry to say this but my grandmother had a Scottie named Gracie and she was a sweetie!Gracie and my grandmother always played together when they were children but maybe just have a different trait I dont know.

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